Jackson Guitars For Sale - Jackson Dinky Electric Guitar, USA Soloist and Randy Rhodes Signature Flying V
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Jackson Guitars For Sale
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Jackson Guitars - Eletric Guitars by the Jackson
like the Dinky, Randy Rhodes Flying V & USA Soloist

Jackson Electric Guitars For SALE Online!

ello. My name is Catfish. Thank you for visiting my page about Jackson Guitars. I used to sell Jackson guitars during my years working at Guitar Trader in San Diego. I have always liked Jacksons probably second only to Gibson and thats based on stylistic approach. Especially for heavy metal, Jackson guitars are some of the finest guitars for high end electrics and some of the best value guitars for the lower end Dinky production models. And of coarse, any one that makes the Randy Rhodes signature RR1 USA Flying V has got to be cool.

The most popular model of Jackson because of its affordable price is the Jackson Dinky electric guitar. It's got Dunbcan designed pickups stock, 24 frets and great access to the upper area of the neck thanks to the scalloped heel. If you like to play fast and want a moderately priced guitar that's built for speed, this is the one. It has the flexibilty of having the double locking floyd rose tremelo so that you stay in tune no matter how aggressive you want to get. And it sounds great thanks in part to the alder body. And it looks cool with the shark tooth inlays. The Dinky DK2 is a great choice for the intermediate to advanced guitar player.

If you really want to know what Jackson guitars are all about at the highest level, just pick up one of their USA Soloist guitars. These made in the USA axes have the neck through body that made Jackson guitars famous for great sustain. They are high performance monsters with ebony fretboards built for speed thanks to the flat neck profile. The 5 position switch alternates between a humbucker and two single coils or stacked humbuckers giving you an unlimited range of tonal possibilities. Plus the doulbe binding and outstanding graphics and finishes makes these guitars really stand out for their beauty and elegance. If you can afford it and it fits your style, a USA Jackson Soloist is one of the finest electric guitars you can own.

And of coarse if your a huge Ozzy fan like me and you love the music of Randy Rhodes, you may want to play one of the Jackson Randy Rhodes Flying V guitars. There really is nothing like one of these guitars. Granted they aren't that comfortable to play sitting down..lol, but the sound absolutely terrific for certain styles and the access to the upper register in unparrelled. And again, how can you look more heavy metal than with a Flying V guitar. You can't. This is the ultimate heavy metal weapon. And the Jackson USA version is sick. The RR1 Rhodes which differs from a traditional Flying V because the lower extension is shorter than the upper giving it an almost space age look. Two Seymour Duncan pickups and an original Floyd Rose double locking tremelo highlight the hardware features. Everything on this guitar is top notch from the ebony fretboard to the alder body with flame maple top. It looks incredibly cool and sounds insane. If your into heavy metal or just looking for a high performance axe, try the Randy Rhodes signature model.

There are a lot of other great Jackson guitars to check out but these are the most popular ones. If your looking to buy one online because your local guitar store is charging too much, here are the stores I recommend that sell Jackson guitars. I chose them because of their iron clad return policys and competitve pricing. Musiciansfriend.com has a 45 day satisfaction guarantee as well as 45 day price guarantee. So you can always feel good about the price you pay and your protected. Additionally, if its not what you want, refunds are no problem.

Also, all the links on this page are affiliate links just so everyone knows. That means, if you buy a Jackson guitar (or any other guitar) as a result from a link from this page, Dive Bomber gets commission. We thank you very much for helping to support our band.

Here are the direct links to all the Jackson electric guitars at Musiciansfriend.com:

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I hope this page helps you buy your next Gibson guitar worry free and at the best possible price.